New for 2023/2024

Anemone HARLEQUIN™ 'Pastel'

A most charming, bouquet branching type. Mid-pink, semi double flowers are held in great numbers starting in late July and continuing until frost. An exceptionally tight base help give this exciting addition to our Anemone lineup a very distinct appearance. Tremendous in containers and as a border plant!

Anemone PUFF® 'Pink'

Unbelievable! That’s what most people said when describing this plant. Very unusual, compact, pompon flowers cover this short plant with stems long enough for cutting. New flowers open a rich rose color and progress to an antique sliver pink. Bred for its exceptional habit, the brilliant flower display is a bonus for planting in flower beds and borders. Truly unique.

Anemone SATIN DOLL™ 'Glow'

Another great genetic dwarf with full sized flowers from TERRA NOVA®! Pink daisy-like flowers cover this plant from late July until October. Excellent pot performance. Slow to run underground and stays in its lane. A wonderful garden or featured pot plant.

Anemone SATIN DOLL™ 'Rose'

Very upright habit supports the fantastic flower power of this late summer beauty. Two toned bright rose-pink and carmine flowers swirl over this neat-as-a-pin plant. Short, compact habit with minimal running makes this an ideal candidate for garden and container use.

Bergenia VINTAGE™ 'Bouquet'

VINTAGE™ Bergenia are making a name for themselves in the perennial market. Compact plants are covered with clusters of large, lavender-pink flowers. Very different from old varieties, the new VINTAGE™ ‘Bouquet’ is long lived in the garden and makes a great, carefree container plant also.

Echinacea KISMET® 'Pink Lemonade'

Nothing else like this one! The famous KISMET® series has a new and exciting addition. ’Pink Lemonade’ has all the best features of the multiple, award-winning KISMETs, rounded, compact habit, great vigor, long lasting, bi-color blooms in an unusual shade of pink with lemonade colored petal tips.

Echinacea PRIMA™ 'Lime'

The compact PRIMA™ series, now has a tropical lime companion. Compact plants grow in a perfect mound and have exotic daisy-like flowers. Distinctly lime colored petals tips, give way to a cream-colored center with an emerald eye that shifts to golden yellow as the flower matures.

Geum TEMPO™ 'Coral'

Another exciting addition to the popular TEMPO™ series! Bright coral-red flowers are held in great numbers over this compact garden plant. The excellent quality foliage stay clean all summer long. Reblooms in the summer!

Heuchera 'Changeling'

A most curious Heuchera! ‘Changeling’ is so named because of the unique characteristic of changing colors every week or so. From top to bottom, new color emerge. New foliage starts off blushing peach and cherry and changes to champagne and taupe, finally ending up several shades of celadon green, pine, and moss. The strong H. americana bloodline enhances this plant with a sharp, silver veil that highlights the contrasting veins.

 Heuchera 'Peach Smoothie'

A companion to and an updated version of ‘Berry Smoothie’, new ‘Peach Smoothie’ features large, bold leaves in a new color! Primarily, the color of sun kissed peaches, ‘Peach Smoothie’ has undertones of cherry, coral, and orange. ‘Peach Smoothie’s full sun performance was excellent, and the foliage stayed rust free, even during Oregon’s longest, wettest spring in decades.

Penstemon NOVA® 'Pearl'

All new breeding, utilizing native N. American species. NOVA® ‘Pearl’ features a dense, upright habit and small to medium sized pearlescent flowers in open clusters. As easy to grow as other garden penstemon, ‘Pearl’ adds a whole new look to the garden.

Penstemon NOVA® 'Twilight'

A fabulous new look in Penstemon! Clouds of violet-blue flowers, float at the top half of the neat, upright plant. So nice for a garden or container work. The medium small flowers are great pollinator attractors and continue for months. It’s a very long time since an entirely new type of Penstemon has been introduced! This is it!

Penstemon 'Parade of Parrots'

Oh, my goodness! Never has there been another Penstemon like this. Very upright, with strong stems to support and enormous floral display. There’s nothing subtle about this penstemon. Strong, claret-colored flowers; the rich color is so saturated that even the seed heads are deeply blushed. Very healthy and a stand-out!

Rudbeckia 'Summer Sienna'

This new Rudbeckia was a visitor must this summer. Mid-sized, tawny and sun-bronzed flowers are produced in impressive numbers, all summer long. The informal flowers are cheery and dramatic at the same time and in a well drained, sunny location will become a garden staple.