Agastache KUDOS™ Series

It’s almost unbelievable how fast the KUDOS™ Series of Agastache has caught on! We felt it would be a great addition to the gardening community but this really was a surprise. Our original goal was to breed a genetically dwarf, well branched series of Agastache that did not require a PGR as a pot crop. Done and done! But what we didn’t know we were getting was a series of very unique, super hardy Agastache that is nearly impervious to Downy Mildew (the worst foliage disease for Agastache, especially in humid climates). Garden trials all over the U.S. have confirmed it; KUDOS™ Agastache are a game changer. Our Agastache all have pleasant fragrances and are amazing attractors of pollinating insects, too – always a good thing!

• Genetically dwarfed
• Cold hardy
• Uniform height
• Bloom all summer
• Available in 6 colors
• Well branched
• Downy Mildew resistant
• Low water user when established
• Bee and hummingbird magnets