TERRA NOVA® has long worked to improve all plants that we breed, not just make the most exciting varieties in the industry but to improve every aspect, using traditional breeding methods and a critical eye.

Our Plectranthus are no exception. Our first introduction, ‘Velvet Elvis’ brought added features of having a better habit than ‘Mona Lavender’ but also larger flowers and more flower power too.

Our latest Plectranthus breeding is several steps ahead of all others. We’ve improved the habits significantly, made them rounder, tighter and with more flower spikes; bloom time has been lengthened also. The colors are exceptionally rich and vibrant. VELVET™ ‘Diva’ is bright amethyst with hints of violet, VELVET™ ‘Lady’ is pink and rose colored and VELVET™ ‘Idol’ is the most stunning icy-blue imaginable.

The flower power of the VELVET™ series is phenomenal! Our Plectranthus have taken this genus mainstream in a big way.