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Agastache 'Pink Pearl'

Mid-sized, full, and compact mound of large flower spikes. Incredibly unique, glowing light pink color brightens any garden. Different from other Agastache with large, dense blooms that cover the entire plant and appear a dynamic two toned with deeper colored flower buds contrasting nicely. Eye-catching in the mid to front garden border, also looks stunning in the container at home or at retail. Long blooming, spring through frost. TERRA NOVA® staff and visitor FAVORITE!

Centaurea 'Snowy Owl'

2020 – Best New Variety Winner at the Colorado State University Flower Trial Garden. Large, velvety, white leaves contrast beautifully in mixed containers and summer borders. This tough annual loves full sun and grows into a well-branched, cushiony mound.

Crocosmia NOVA® 'Gold Dragon'

A majestic and powerful presence that breathes glowing hot color into any garden. This large and impressive Crocosmia creates a dramatic statement. Full and upright habit puts on a huge show of gilded golden blooms. Each flower stalk is an arching spray full of long lasting, bright shining star-like blooms. Long-lived, forms multiple crowns quickly. Great for mixed beds, sunny banks, borders.

Echinacea PRIMA™ 'Amarillo'

Dazzling bright golden yellow blossoms on verdant bright green foliage are complemented by an emerald green shifting to sunny yellow cone. Compact yet vigorous, PRIMA™ ‘Amarillo’ looks great for summer retail sales. Ideal for containers, also great for front of beds and borders. Well branched with multiple crowns, blooms the first year with numerous flowers.

Echinacea PRIMA™ 'Berry'

We love the deep and dramatic color on this petite powerhouse Echinacea PRIMA™ ‘Berry’. The dark berry pink colored petals are long and draping, like a gorgeous formal dress. The largest flowers we have seen on such a tight, compact habit. Ideal for containers, also great for front of beds and borders. Well branched with multiple crowns, blooms the first year with numerous flowers.

Echinacea SUNNY DAYS™ 'Lemon'

An exciting addition to TERRA NOVA®’s Echinacea selection! SUNNY DAYS™ Lemon is an exceptionally heavy flowering variety that will blow you away with the sheer number of flowers it produces over the flowering season. Medium, upright plants are smothered in sunny yellow double flowers. The deep, emerald green foliage goes clear to the ground and make this plant really stand out in a crowded Echinacea field. Fragrant and attracts pollinators too.

Heuchera 'Lemon Supreme'

Bred for sun tolerance, ‘Lemon Supreme’, grows fine in full sun in Oregon where other yellow foliage burns out. The yellow spring leaves turned to lime in summer. White flowers. Forms a rounded mound with clean yellow round leaves. Grows even better if given some shade!

Heuchera 'Ruby Tuesday'

So many ruffles! Each ruby colored leaf is ruffled and fluted to an extreme degree. Moderately large and very full, ‘Ruby Tuesday’ tops itself with hundreds of tiny, star like flowers and performs in sun and shade. Late summer color matures to a rich Merlot color and covers the foliage with a silvery veil.

Kniphofia 'Orange Vanilla Popsicle'

A two-toned beauty topped with flower spikes of red orange over the creamy white on the bottom. ‘Orange Vanilla Popsicle’ has the reblooming, short, grassy leaves and compact habit of the others in the series. Hummingbirds love this plant!

Kniphofia POCO™ 'Daybreak'

Another great addition to the POCO™ Series of Kniphofia. Flowers spikes sit just over the stiffly upright foliage. Looks neat, even without flowers. Flowers all summer long with spikes of butterscotch yellow, coral orange and red, constantly changing, like a sunrise. Easy to grow and drought tolerant when established.

Kniphofia POCO™ 'Sunset'

Short habit, multiple crowns, and the short flower spikes in the first season. The flowers of ‘Poco Sunset’ are bi-color red-orange and orange and the plants have a very long bloom time with repeat blooming from July through October in Canby, Oregon.

Nepeta NOVA® 'Blue'

An incredibly clean and crisp new catmint that blooms early while continuing to look tidy long into the season. Bright lavender purple blooms make this a fantastic pollinator attractor, a top favorite of bees and butterflies. Distinctive small foliage has a sweet scent and looks great when used as a groundcover, on edges or in containers. Works well in a hanging basket!

Pulmonaria 'Shrimps on the Barbie'

A wow plant. This large, spreading Pulmonaria has an amazing number of large, deep shrimp pink flowers in the spring. Foliage is green with prominent white spots. Deer, rabbit, and mildew resistant.

Pulmonaria 'Silver Scimitar'

Large arching silver green foliage with wavy edged strap like foliage. Full landscape sized plant, vigorous and fast, ‘Silver Scimitar’ has a stately presence. Emerges each spring in a tight mound covered in bicolor pink and purple flowers, an early season hummingbird favorite. Performs well in both shade and full sun, perfect for borders and edges.

Rudbeckia 'Lion Cub'

We think this unique little Rudbeckia will wow you with its cuteness and longevity. Naturally forms a tight mound of emerald green foliage topped by pom pom perfect golden yellow flowers centered with a dark chocolate eye. Each flower is covered with a sunburst of strap thin petals, which do not brown or fade, but develop a contrasting red edge with age. Bloomed June through October, both in the ground and in the greenhouse. Fast and vigorous, a favorite of every visitor. Great commercial sales potential; ideal for summer through fall containers, annual bedding and displays.

Rudbeckia 'Sunstream'

Brighten up you day with this cheery Rudbeckia! Full, rounded habit is covered with large, thick petaled golden blossoms with a deep chocolate eye. Inner and outer flower edge shows red tones with age that only adds to the attractive cut texture. Blooms June through October, new flowers covering the older for extended season. Fast and vigorous, great for summer and fall harvest displays.