Tissue Culture Process

Tissue Culture is a high-tech procedure enabling many plants to be propagated under sterile conditions.

Stage I: We start with a specimen: Pulmonaria ‘David Ward’

Stage I: The growth tip is “excised” (removed) and then sterilized in a bleach solution.

Stage I: This explant is then placed in a test tube with agar, nutrients, and a hormone to induce shoots.

Stage II: Shoots multiply in the shoot-media and are cut again and again at set intervals. The numbers increase geometrically until the desired amount is met.

Plants are grown at stages one and two in a climate controlled grow-room.

Stage III: When numbers are met the stage two explants are placed in a root inducing media.

Stage IV: When roots are formed they can be put into soil. On transfer to soil, plants are considered Stage IV.

Plants are greenhouse-weaned in even humidity, light, and temperature.

Flats are transferred to our growing house to be hardened-off, and set for shipping. The entire process can take from 3 months to a year.