New Plants Wanted

Are you “cooking up” a NEW PLANT?

Have you got a unique plant in your garden or greenhouse that evokes a “WOW!” from all who see it? You might have something special! While most of our plants come from our own breeding, we have introduced some super discoveries found by people such as you. A variegated sport, a color break, or a double flower on a normally single-flowered plant could give you an economic return as well s the pride of seeing YOUR plant distributed in gardens around the world!

What TERRA NOVA® can do for you:

  • We will trial your plant against others in the market
  • We will virus check and test the plant’s ability to reproduce
  • We will patent your plant IN YOUR NAME at no initial expense to you
  • We will increase your royalty stream, by using our extensive worldwide network
  • We will showcase your plant at national and international trade shows
  • We will feature your plant in our full-color catalog, press releases, and advertisements

Let’s work together!