The genus Kniphofia was named for Johannes Hieronymus Kniphof (pronounced KNIP-HOF), Professor of Medicine at Erfurt University in Germany in the mid-1700s. About 70 species have been cataloged, the majority occurring in Africa but also in Madagascar and Yemen. Our South African partner said that no other Kniphofia bloomed for them in a pot.

TERRA NOVA® started breeding Kniphofia over a decade ago. Our goal from the beginning was to make heavily flowering plants that had attractive grass-like foliage that didn’t bend and become dog eared at the slightest breeze or movement. Our first efforts produced the POPSICLE™ Series – and they are wildly popular! They bloom for many months and never seem to stop in warm winter climates. Hailed as a re-invention of this genus, the POPSICLE™ Series won over critics and doubters all over the world. We launched one more shortly after called the POCO™ Series, which are shorter than the POPSICLE™ by about a third. Their fat spikes and well behaved manner make them an essential garden or container plant.

Benefits of TERRA NOVA® Kniphofia

• Fast finish and long shelf life due to long bloom time
• Strong attractive colors
• Hardy at Chicago Botanical Garden
• Upright habit makes it more “shippable” than other varieties
• Blooms first year in a pot

Uses of TERRA NOVA® Kniphofia

• Kniphofia are phenomenal pollinator plants, attracting hummingbirds and many pollinator insects
• Excellent in mixed containers with either perennials or annuals
• Make a great combo with sub-shrubs like Hebe or Cistus